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Unique Doodle Made on Google Pi Day, Learn What’s Special

New Delhi search engine giant Googlehas created a colorful doodle on its home page on Wednesday. This Google Doodle is designed to celebrate Pie Day ‘s 30th Anniversary. Pie is a mathematical constant that is a mathematical constant. Worldwide, mathematicians celebrate Pi Day on March 14 every year . Pie is one of the most important mathematical and physical determinants. The use of pie and its related research had been

Amazon Prime Video comes to Apple TV

It’s here at last: the Amazon Prime Video app is now available for the Apple TV. The app arrives six months after Apple CEO Tim Cook said it would arrive “later this year” and with just days to spare in 2017. The iOS app was just updated to 5.0 as well, adding iPhone X support and universal search. The

An iOS 11 bug might crash your iPhone on December 2nd

A bug in iOS 11.1.2 is causing iPhones to crash repeatedly once the clock hits 12.15am on December 2nd. As noted by iMore and Twitter engineer Yoshimasa Niwa, the bug appears to be related to third-party apps that use recurring local notifications for things like reminders. As such, you have two immediate options to stop the crashes if

Deezer launches desktop app that supports lossless audio

Deezer has just launched a desktop app in beta that offers high-definition lossless audio, making it the second major streaming service to support FLAC on desktop after Tidal. The 16-bit FLAC support is offered to subscribers of Premium+, which costs $9.99 per month, until January 2018. After that, Deezer users will have to subscribe to Deezer HiFi,

Google’s about to brick a bunch of useful Android apps that rely on Accessibility Services

A bunch of handy apps on Android that let you do things like autofill passwords, copy content to your clipboard, and automate tasks, may soon no longer work on your mobile device because Google is changing the rules for accessing its platform’s Accessibility Services, reports Android Police. The company has been contacting developers of apps that rely on the Accessibility

Evolve Foundation launches a $100 million fund to find startups working to relieve human suffering

It seems there’s nothing but bad news out there lately, but here’s some good news — the nonprofit Evolve Foundation has raised $100 million for a new fund called the Conscious Accelerator to combat loneliness, purposelessness, fear and anger spreading throughout the world though technology. Co-founder of Matrix Partners China Bo Shao will lead the fund and will be

Amazon adds an AR shopping feature to its iOS app

Amazon today is introducing a new feature called AR View that lets customers visualize online products in their own living space, using their smartphone camera. Launched today in the Amazon app for iOS devices, AR View offers the ability to view thousands of products for the home or office – including furniture, electronics, toys, games,