Unique Doodle Made on Google Pi Day, Learn What’s Special

Unique Doodle Made on Google Pi Day, Learn What’s Special

New Delhi search engine giant Googlehas created a colorful doodle on its home page on Wednesday. This Google Doodle is designed to celebrate Pie Day ‘s 30th Anniversary. Pie is a mathematical constant that is a mathematical constant. Worldwide, mathematicians celebrate Pi Day on March 14 every year . Pie is one of the most important mathematical and physical determinants.

The use of pie and its related research had been going on for a long time, but in 1706, π was first used by William Jones. But it was popularized in 1737 when Swiss mathematician Leonard Euler started using it. Firstly, physicist Larry Shaw celebrated Pi Day in 1988.

Google has used pastries, butter, apples and orange peels in their doodles. Pie has been used only for the second G of Google .

Google wrote, ‘Winning Pastry Chef has been created by awarding today’s beautiful doodle.’

Pie is being used in maths for many years. There is a constant in the pie maths. Pi (π) is a mathematical constant whose numeric value is equal to the ratio of the diameter of a circle and its diameter. The value of pi is approximately 3.14159. In mathematics it is said that if the diameter of a circle is 1, then its circumference will be equal to pie. First of all, in 2010, Google made a doodle on its homepage on March 14, showing the signs of circle and pie.

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